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Photography is my hobby number one. I love to take photos and experiment and learn. This is why some of my work is exposed here.

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Photo albums

Photos of family and friends and events got here. The focus is more on the emotion rather than the actual quality. This if the difference between the photography section.

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Everything that I want to rant about or that I want to remember myself and what might be interesting to others.

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Photography section. My hobby number one.

I got my first analog camera when I was just a child. It was fun, but far from being serious. Then when I was in High-school I realized that taking photos can be more than just hitting the shutter when I got my first digital camera that I really loved and took everywhere - a Sony S75 with amazing 3 mega pixels. Since then I took thousands of pictures. But I lost a bit the passion from my S75 days with the party cams that followed. In 2014 the passion came back to me with the arrival of my Sony a6000. A really great system camera and my first ever experience with interchangeable lenses. This camera ignited the old flame and I try to improve my skills with more enthusiasm ever since. It makes even more fun with my follow-up camera - the Sony a7-II - a real full format camera with an astonishing dynamic range. You can find my journey to experiment and learn under *photography* with some shots I feel confident enough to show case.

Albums.. For the emotions

I love to take my camera with me wherever I go. As a result I take lots of pictures of friends and family - when we go out, stay inside or just meet. A selection of albums that make sense to upload are housed here. Not all albums are open to everyone and I invented a clever system to filter you guys. Although, actually, I think the concept of passwords is not entirely new though...

Articles. Things that matter.

The article section is my forum to write about things that matter or are interessting to me. I also use it as personal memory notes, especially when I think that the content might be actually interessting to others as well. A side motivation of this is to improve my ability to explain things, because I think it is one of the most important skills - but also a very hard one.